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The main quality policy of our company is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers in a timely manner in the industrial systems manufacturing and assembly sectors and other sectors in which we operate, while maintaining its reliable quality and increasing its market share and competitiveness. In the light of this policy, PROGRESSTECH management; Acts with the principle of happy customer at every stage of production, from projecting to after sales support. It attaches importance to innovations and continuously developing technology and training, as well as to qualified personnel investment. Increases the satisfaction of its customers by performing all its activities in accordance with legal obligations, meeting customer requests in a timely and complete manner, foreseeing possible problems in advance, ? Adopts the importance of quality management to all employees and makes continuous improvements in the system. Uses total quality management system. ? By adding the technological developments to the production process, it prepares its staff for the works in this direction and saves time. ? Develops long-term relationships with its suppliers and alternative suppliers based on mutual benefits, ? It maintains its leadership in the sector with its brand awareness and quality understanding in foreign countries. ? It supports intra-sector expansion by supporting initiative and innovation.


PROGRESSTECH has adopted environmental value as a environmental policy by keeping the environmental effects under control by complying with international and legal conditions while providing added value to the country's economy with its productions, keeping environmental performance in terms of environmental and energy efficiency, producing environmentally friendly products and leaving a livable clean environment for future generations. In the light of this policy, PROGRESSTECH management; It provides continuous improvement and improvement by following all legal requirements related to the environment. Considers environmental impacts in R&D and production processes. Informs all employees and suppliers about their environmental responsibilities and ensures their involvement in the process. Evaluates recycling and rework options to reduce environmental pollution by reducing waste materials in the production process. Collects waste papers for recycling by focusing on information systems that reduce paper use in administrative departments. Contributes to the national economy by focusing on the use of renewable energy sources.

Work safety

It is the main occupational safety policy of our company to create safe work areas and occupational safety culture within the boundaries of business, to protect against injury and health deterioration as a result of work accident, zero work accident and zero occupational disease. In the light of this policy, PROGRESSTECH management; Meets all legal and other obligations on occupational health and safety. Adopts the principle that occupational health and safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees. Carries out studies to reduce the risk levels. It aims to achieve sustainable zero work accident target by continuously improving the occupational health and safety culture. It does not perceive job security as a legal obligation only and sees it as the value given to employees.

Human resources

Internal announcement system For vacancies requiring experience in our company, the employees are given priority to the announcement screen in the production area and community employees are given priority. In our company, where vacant positions are announced to employees, our internal employees are given the opportunity to play an active role in their careers and to direct their career development. Recruitment process The procurement method is chosen according to the competencies sought in the recruitment processes of our company. Starting from the internal announcement system, respectively; 1. Mails sent to ik@progresstech.com.tr 2. Kariyer.net If the competencies are suitable for the search after the applications collected through the applications, the potential employee recruitment process is started according to the human relations and work experience, except that it is only beneficial for our company, except that it is useful only for our company. Regardless of which job is included in the company body in the recruitment process, there are 5 main points we consider in all our candidates; 1. Suitability for team work 2. Communication & collaboration 3. Self-development ability 4. Compliance with business ethics 5. Information sharing. Our company supports the employment of trainees in various departments and production lines and aims to create experienced personnel in the sector by increasing the workforce. In-house work areas are kept clean in order to remain hygienic and workable & habitable. Training and development plans Potential employees for positions at all levels in our company are determined through competence-based assessment and the processes of evaluating the employee's expectations from the company. Candidates who are taken into the potential pool are prepared for the future with career development programs by ensuring that they participate in the necessary trainings. Thanks to this process, sustainable performance is ensured by filling the critical positions in our company effectively. In addition, in the monthly management meetings, the training plans that the personnel can attend by our human resources department are primarily presented to management and evaluated. Our pricing policy In the remuneration of our employees, a competitive wage policy is used, which is compatible with the market, primarily based on the content of the job, and the hike policy is pursued according to the annual or targets achievement status. Our employees are also rewarded in situations such as performing better than expected targets for a particular job and achieving success that affects the future of the company.